are your juices 100% organic? 

yes. we are happy to say that our juices are 100% organic!

do i receive my juice all at once or every day? 

we either deliver juice or have you pick up your juices every third morning that you are on the cleanse. this ensures the juices vitality. 

do you add anything extra to your juices, like sugar? 

our juices contain only fruits and vegetables and sometimes nuts; no additives, preservatives, stabilizers, sugar, et cetera. they are also gluten free and vegan

how long do the juices last? 

our juices are highly perishable because they are raw and unpasteurized, and they must be kept refrigerated. they will stay fresh for four days from production date and you should always shake them before you drink them due to natural sedimentation. 

do i need to drink water during the cleanse?

drink PLENTY of water. juice is not a substitute for water.  

how do i prepare?

three days before your cleanse we recommend omitting or decreasing your alcohol, caffeine, cigarette, and over the counter drugs consumption.  this will ease the detoxification process. if you have further questions, we have a resident nutritionist who would be happy to answer any of your concerns. 

how much produce will i be consuming? 

there is about two and a half pounds of produce in every 16 ounce juice.    

can anyone do a cleanse? 

yes. most everyone can enjoy the health benefits of a juice cleanse. we do not recommend it for pregnant, elderly, immune system compromised or children. and, if you have a doctor or a naturopath that you trust, you could also consult them as well. 

in what order should i drink my juices on the cleanse? 

we think it is best to start with your green juice each morning. after that, it’s up to you. there is no wrong or right way to drink your juice. 

should i refrigerate my juice?

oh yes. please do. 

what type of juicer do you use?

if you’ve seen us around in our cafe, you may have noticed our nutrifaster centrifugal juicer.  however, for our juice cleanses we will be using a juicer that presses as a means of extraction called a norwalk juicer.  centrifugal juicers are great for juices that are consumed on the spot.  but pressed juicers are better for bottled juices as they do not introduce as much oxygen into the juice, thereby preserving more nutrients and offering a longer shelf life.

will i feel hungry or odd?

perhaps.  obviously you will feel hungry, especially at first.  many experience headaches and nausea due to the detoxification process.  each person is different. we’ve found that over all it is actually habits, more than hunger,  that pose the greatest challenge.  that being said,  feeling energetic and clear minded are also common results.   if you feel like you want to cheat (we know from experience), it is best to eat radishes, a celery stick, or a light salad at dinner.  and most importantly, don’t be extreme.  if you eat a hot dog during your cleanse don’t beat yourself up over it.  it’s not a contest.  also, honestly, is this really the first time you’ve felt hungry or odd?

are your juices pasteurized?

absolutely not.  and they are also not HPP (high pressure processed), like the juices you see in the grocery store.