our cleanse program is $60/$65 dollars a day, plus tax, and is available for delivery most days. we can delivery a 1, 3, or 5 (or more!) day cleanse to your home or workplace between 7a.m. and 9a.m.  a $10 delivery fee is charged for every three days of juice delivery (note; a 5 day cleanse requires 2 deliveries due to the short shelf life of unpasteurized juice).  we deliver to all of capitol hill, downtown/belltown, fremont, wallingford, greenwood, ballard, upper and lower queen anne, madrona, and madison park (we may be able to deliver to other neighborhoods, or at other times, please inquire 206-607-7866) juice will also be available for preordered pick up at an agreed upon location. 

1 day "juice till dinner"

photo (2).JPG
photo (2).JPG

1 day "juice till dinner"


six 8 ounce bottles of our juice box variety cleanse, intended to get you through the day before you have a light dinner at night. a great cleanse for beginners. pick as many or as little "juice till dinner"'s as you would like. 

flavors for one day include:

lacinato kale. spinach. romaine. cucumber. apple. celery. lemon.  

spinach. celery. apple. lime 

beet. apple. lemon. extra ginger.  

carrot. orange. turmeric root. 

almond milk. cocoa nib. garden mint. honey. 

fennel. cucumber. apple. garden mint.    


or "an all green" 

lacinato kale. spinach. romaine. cucumber. apple. celery. lemon.  


*substitutions can be made within reason for an upcharge 

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