Juicing this summer with Juicebox

By: Adrienne Kimberley

JuiceBox is officially offering the season’s most tasty juices in Seattle. When you decide to do a juice cleanse, you get to sample five different juices, all with their unique micronutrient and phytonutrient profile. So, you may be wondering—should I drink the juices in any certain sequence?

The answer is: maybe!

Will anything go “wrong” if you drink the juices in a random, aimless order? Absolutely not! However, to optimize your cleanse, there are a few tricks from the world of holistic nutrition that can keep you satisfied and energized optimally while you cleanse.

First off, if you haven’t yet read these blog posts prior to juice cleansing, do it!:

Secondly, because the juices offered this season are on the sweeter side (thank you, nature!), there’s a strategy to juicing that can help you sustain stable blood sugar, as well as optimize your brain function while cleansing.

Also, Seattle summers are finicky until mid-July. So, you may be cleansing when it’s rainy and gross outside. Juice will make you feel light and cool, which isn’t that much fun when it’s cold outside! I highly recommend purchasing a variety of yummy teas before you cleanse. Tea with every juice you have will keep you satisfied and warm on a rainy day!

Below you find a special sequence of the multi-flavored juice cleanse. Of course, listen to how your body responds to the juices and feel free to play with this order!

Upon waking: Hot Water & Lemon 

The best thing you can do for your body every morning is enjoy hot water and lemon. The warmth relaxes your digestive system and releases hormones that make it easier to stimulate gastric acid (your stomach acid!). The lemon provides cleansing support to your liver, as well as morning antioxidants.  

Breakfast: Fennel, apple, cucumber, mint

Apples have a caffeine-like effect and will give you a buzz of energy. Because this juice is balanced with earthy greens and hydrating cucumber, your blood sugar won’t spike first thing in the morning. The mint is a natural energizer, and after years of using mint toothpaste, your body associates mint with waking up.

Snack #1: Carrot, orange, turmeric

In the morning, our brains are especially active and crave glucose (sugar) to operate at full speed until lunch. This is why so many people crave donuts or coffee first thing in the morning! This juice will give you dense, natural sweetness from the carrot and orange, but will also give you a flush of anti-inflammatory turmeric, helping you to feel light and on your A-game for brain tasks.

Lunch: Juicebox nut milk

Our “hungriest” time of day is usually mid-day, or lunch. You’re probably craving something harty, so nut milk is best here to satisfy that hunger. With as much protein as one egg, some healthy lipids (fat!) and delicious raw honey, this is well balanced and will keep you satisfied long after lunch through your afternoon slump.

Snack #2: Aloe water

You might notice that you usually crave something around 4pm, but you don’t whie juice cleansing. No surprise here; your body is happy and full with a burst of dense micronurients, enzymes and phytonutrients! If you ARE hungry, you’re probably just thirsty or emotionally attached to crunching (that’s normal, so no worries!). Aloe Water is best here. The aloe soothes your digestive system and hydrates on a deep level. Your intestines, which are getting a break, are going to love, love this. You may feel a little smile in your belly button region. 

Dinner: Kale, romaine, celery, spinach, apple, lemon, aloe vera

It’s already dinner time, and you have a happy, yummy salad waiting for you in this bottle. At around mid-night, our bodies flush blood and lymph back to the liver for re-cleansing and restoration. Supplying your body with the most diverse, dense micronutrients at night will help your body restore and detoxify, and you will feel awesome the next day.

Snack #3: Apple, lemon, extra ginger

Okay, okay, so your after dinner sweet tooth is still very loud and proud. This is a great time for the Apple, lemon & ginger juice, which is the sweetest of the juices offered. The lemon will quench your thirst, the apple with quench your sweet tooth, and the spicy ginger will warm your belly into bed. Your blood sugar is likely to have a little spike after this juice, leading to a bit of fatigue if you’re sensitive to blood sugar spikes. But, guess what’s after this juice? Bed time!

Other Juicing tips:

  • Keep healthy, whole-food snacks on hand for your juice cleanse (almonds, carrots and hummus, lentil soup, etc). This way, if you absolutely must eat, you will have cleanse-supporting foods ready to go. Ps: it’s not cheating or bad if you eat. You should listen to your body, but eat foods that help your body detoxify.

  • Chew your juice. Carbohydrates are digested primarily in the mouth by salivary amylase.  This means if you guzzle your juice, you’re losing some of the benefit and energy this juice can provide. Swish the juice around your mouth. Take small sips and drink water in between sips.

  • Drink lots of water and tea! Your body simply cannot process the awesome nutrients, enzymes and antioxidants in juice without water, and if you drink only juice, you may become dehydrated! So keep lots of the clear stuff close.